About Trienah

Trienah Anne Meyers is an author from New York City, currently residing in Florida. Growing up, her parents provided her with a rich exposure to the arts, which had a lifelong impact. She enjoys making music, growing vegetables and flowers, cooking for others, going to the symphony and other concerts, and last but surely not least, writing.

Trienah’s writing currently consists of blog posts, but she has begun writing short stories and working on other projects. Being the daughter of a professional editor has helped her in many areas of her writing, and now she is passing that experience on to help other writers. Trienah is available for ghostwriting, editing, and beta reading.

When it comes to her writing, Trienah shared, “I am a notetaker. When I see something that interests, or intrigues me, I take a note and hopefully it will bloom into some kind of writing later. The beauty and the sadness of the world always amaze me, and I try to convey that when I write. We need more beauty and joy in our lives.”

 If you’d like to inquire about working with Trienah, the best way to reach her is by email: Czarina52@live.com.